The average home takes just a few days to complete an installation. We normally install high quality Hunter Products but we will install any other product if desired. We go over all aspects of the installation and answer all questions to ensure complete satisfaction with our professional Irrigation System Installation.

Installation Includes:
  • Master Shut-off

  • Back Flow Device

  • Controller (Garage or other central location)

  • All Heads (ground Level)

  • All Valve Boxes (ground Level)

Saving Water is Saving Money

Options available:

· RAIN SENSORS – Stops the system from watering if your lawn has had rain recently or is raining now. Sensor allows watering only after your lawn has had time to dry out.

· MOISTURE SENSOR – Prevents watering in specific areas if moisture levels are high enough. Prevents damp areas of your yard from being over watered because other areas are dry.

· SMART CONTROLLERS – Utilize a weather sensor to detect rain, temperature and humidity to help your watering schedule to be more efficient. Controller is programmed with your part of the country by zipcode and soil type. Saves a huge amount of water and dollars.

· PRESSURE REGULATING HEADS – The more pressure your Irrigation System has the more water is sprayed out onto your lawn. By controlling the pressure to an exact level regardless of how high it really is you use less pressure and less water. When you see your irrigation heads “misting” while they are on that is an indication of extreme excess pressure. If your heads pop-up but don’t go down by themselves you need to replace them regardless and gain the savings at the same time.

· RAINWATER AS A WATERING SOURCE – By installing a catch basin or cistern you can supplement your irrigation water and use less city water. When it has not rained you will still have to use city water but with a rain sensor you save every time it rains and again later by using that rain water that you stored.

· SECOND WATER METER - The city charges you only for water and not sewage. Sewage is usually 60 % of each water bill.

· DRIP SYSTEMS – saves by using low pressure, pressure regulated water specifically at the base of each plant and not the entire bed. Drip is usually exempt from watering restrictions.

Call Stewart Lanier today for a free quote on how You can save irrigation water and save Money. Each item listed can pay for itself in a year with water savings.

Don’t forget to Have your system protected from freeze damage!


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